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Hello world!

Posted by Maciej Sołtysiak on June 23, 2008

Welcome to Print Guru Meditation.

Printing admins must meditate. I do. Seriously. My mantra is “it’s just printing” – it calms me down and lets me operate better.

With this blog I’d like to publish my knowledge and experiences related to printserver administration. This topic is not very popular on the web. I mean, you can search for printing related information and zippo, you won’t find a neat VB script to create automatically windows queues. You won’t find decent documentation to win32 API so you can write your own application that does all automation you want. You won’t find…. Well, hopefully you will find some here 🙂

I am also proficient in Canon’s UniFLOW Output Manager system. I’ll be posting on that too.

For starters I hope to write a post around once a month.

Wish me luck!


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